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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Boudoir or Glamour Photography! Why do girls go to Boudoir by Honeydew Photography for their Boudoir and Glamour shoots?

Boudoir and Glamour photography sessions make you feel sexy, confident, glamorous and wonderful, besides the boudoir photography sessions are a lot of fun. Boudoir photography portraits make great gifts for your partner and yourself. They are great gifts for the man or women who has everything.


Q. Why should I book with you?

A. Because we only have female staff, we have 20 years experience in the industry, we’re friendly and easy to talk to and we’ll make you feel at home. We have both natural light and studio light in our studio and we can make you feel like a million dollars.


Q. I’m really nervous. I’ve never done this kind of thing before.

A. I hear you, try to relax. Most people will get nervous before their photography session and that’s alright, it’s natural (we have plenty of paper bags to breathe into if it gets really bad). We are very laid back, we’ll talk you through your fears and worries and if that doesn’t work, a nice glass of wine can always do the trick.


Q. I’m not good at posing, I feel awkward in front of the camera.

A. Unless you are a paid model, no one is really that comfortable in front of the camera or good at posing. And this is a common question that gets asked before most sessions.   That is why you come to the professionals.  We will talk you through (or if you a visual, show you) the poses, right down to your fingers and your toes.


Q. What should I bring?

Bring your favourite outfits! But please, take a good look at them before coming in for your Boudoir session.


Do they still fit? Are they clean? Are they new or still look new? Does it suit you? Do you get compliments when you wear it? Does the colour suit you?

If your answer is no, then don’t bring it. Outfits are so important, they can make or break an image.

Bring at least 3 different styles of lingerie (for boudoir) and clothing (for glamour). Think of what you wish to enhance and what you would prefer to hide. For Boudoir photography sessions, if you don’t like your tummy, then bring in a corset, or a baby doll or a bodysuit. If you love your bum, wear a G-String. Any of these items are suitable. Sexy babydolls. Corsets. Bra & brief sets. Sexy French knickers. Boy shorts. Stockings. Suspenders. High Heels. Boots. Vintage swimwear. Vintage lingerie. Sunglasses. Necklaces, earrings, rings. Gents shirts. Feminine knitwear. Shawls, wraps, stoles. Tutus. Leather & latex wear. Glamour costumes bikinis. Jean shorts & hot pants. Nipple tassels. Brides tiaras, veil, wedding lingerie.

For Glamour photography sessions, dresses that enhance and give you a good shape. Avoid anything that creates a muffin top.  If you don’t like your arms, please bring in a cardigan, jacket or long sleeve shirt. It’s really that easy.

One essential item is your high heel shoes or boots. Please bring shoes and clothing that is in good condition, anything scuffed or bubbly will show up badly. If they are not new, please clean them before coming in.

When you book in your shoot, we will go through all the essentials, but in the meantime, if you want to go shopping, it’s time to start looking.

Oh yeah, remember jewellery too!

You might like to bring a robe for in-between times as well it can come in handy in the shoot for covering up non-essential parts.

You may be interested in semi nudes with a wrap or long silky scarf draped over your body.

Brand new stockings, that means they have never been worn or even taken out of the package!

Boudoir brides usually wear white, but not always. Remember your veil.

For nude photography sessions and semi-nude and lingerie sessions, come in wearing very loose clothing so you avoid any marks on your body.


Q. Do you do my makeup and hair?

A. Yes, but it is optional and an additional cost.  You can choose to do your own if you prefer, but we know you’re going to love what our Hair and makeup lady will do to you, and you will feel ever so pampered when she is finished.


Q. I’m a plus size, can you help me?

A. Yes, we can. In fact, we pride ourselves on making plus size girls feel like goddesses. We will pose you in the best way to make your curves shine. Clothing is very important in your shoot. You are best to get fitted properly for your lingerie, so make your appointment now.


Q. Can I bring my partner to the shoot?

A. Yes, if you feel you will be more at ease with your partner present, then feel free to invite him/her. Having your partner watch can help you get in the mood and your partner can always help you in making decisions in which images you both love the best.


Q. Are you in the shopping complex?

A. No, we are 2 streets away from Westfield Eastgardens. The studio is at the back of the purple house.  We have plenty of parking out the front and chickens out the back.


Q. Can I do the session outdoors?

A. Yes, outdoor sessions are possible. Just remember that we cannot guarantee privacy in an outdoor session.


Q. What are your hours?

A. Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. But we feel that Boudoir photography should be done during the weekdays only because generally you are more relaxed if you take a whole day off work, rather than squeezing it in on a Saturday. We can also spend more time with you during weekdays.


Q. What if I don’t like my photos?

A. If you don’t like your photo’s we can either re-shoot or refund your money.


Q. How shall I prepare for my glamour photography and boudoir session?

Please stay out of the sun, especially if you have skin that will burn easily.  If you are the lucky ones that tan, remember tan lines can look terrible, especially if you want to do a nude session and you have a singlet tan line just for one example.  If you do have a tan line, you are best to get the white bits spray-tanned to match up.

Think about touching up the colour of your hair, (please no grey roots or if you are younger and don’t like dark roots, please go to the hairdresser before the session). If you need a haircut, do it about a week prior to the photo session.

Book in a pedicure and manicure just before the shoot. Think about your eyebrows, do they need attention? And remember to wax or shave unwanted hair.


Q. Do you airbrush the images?

A. We will retouch the images to enhance them but we will keep them looking like you.  We can take out cellulite and spots and bruises and even reduce your arms and legs if you really want us to. We will ask you for your input before we start any major work.


Q. When do I get to see the images?

A. We know how busy everyone is, that is why we show you the images directly after the photography session.  The images are not retouched at this session but if you need to see before and after, we can definitely show you what we can do.  Please allow at least 1 hour for the viewing and ordering session.


Q. Do you sell digital files?

A. Yes, we can sell you the digital files in a collection. We do offer attractive packages where you get the digital files included, so, start looking around for a bare wall you wish to dress up.


Q. Do you photograph Family portraits?

A. Yes, we do. For more information on family photography, please visit our family portrait website honeydewphotography.com.au


To book in or buy a gift certificate, please call now on 0407 017 044. We look forward to hearing from you. If you can’t get to the phone, please email me on info@honeydewphotography.com.au 

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