Has this ever happened to you? At any Beach Engagement sessions or anytime at the beach for that matter?

Saturday afternoon, beautiful balmy autumn day, I took Maria and Dean to Maroubra Beach for their Engagement photography session.

The time was perfect, 4.15pm, cloud cover made it a beautiful diffused lighting scenario and we began with a few fun shots to set the scene. 10 minutes into the shoot, we took time out for a few romantic shots lying on the sand. Maria joked to Dean that “she better not lose the ring” as they hadn’t got around to getting it adjusted for her finger yet. As she got up and brushed the sand off her legs, something else also fell off her, her ring!

couple photography shoot

How to find a ring in sand? We all got down on our hands and knees and found only shells. Ok, it’s going to be dark soon, the panic started to set in.

Luckily I remembered story that The Southern Courier, the local newspaper ran about Luke and Emma ( who I know from UkeEast) finding their lost wedding ring at the beach. So with a few phone calls and text messages, I got hold of Tony from Jewellery rescue

He was 1 hour away, but happy to come to the party. He assured Maria and Dean that he had 99% optimistic he would find the ring. “Just don’t stand in the area.”
And he was correct. Tony turned up when it was already dark, the metal detector picked it within a 10cm diameter and about 5cm down, it was very impressive and the fact that he found the ring in 2 minutes! Tony received many hugs that night!

And You can be assured that everyone slept well Saturday night.

One take out from this adventure? Never wear a loose ring worth thousands of dollars to the beach! No matter what the occasion.

Engagement beach session

Thanks for listening

engagement sydney beach

Feeling confident the ring will be found

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