What goes on Behind the Scenes in a Glamour Photoshoot?

Have you always been curious about what happens behind the scenes of a boudoir or glamour photoshoot?  Well, here are some heavily edited videos that make them short enough to keep your interest. Of course, a whole photoshoot takes around about 1 hour, some more some less, so no need to show the whole thing.

Recently I have had my iPhone ready to capture the feeling of the glamour and boudoir shoots in my studio. While you don’t see much of me I think you get a feel for the fun the women are experiencing in the shoots.

Remember that these are all everyday women, most have never posed for a professional photo shoot before.



Behind the scenes with purpose!



Also in these shoots,  I was trying out a few new props and poses.  The coloured lights are a big hit and I’ll continue using them. The wet perspex effect is also fun and really popular so that will be another to remain in my arsenal of props.

In all the photography sessions the clients bring their own clothing.  This keeps it individual and no two shoots are the same.

I also encourage all my clients if they have some ideas to speak up, I love creating a new look and trying new poses.

Do you have a favourite pose you would like to try out? Come on, I’d love to hear about it.

By the way, if you like the music, it is from my son Felix and can be found on Spotify.

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