Let’s talk about Body Positivity

“I definitely have body issues, but everybody does. When you come to the realization that everybody does — even the people that I consider flawless — then you can start to live with the way you are.”

The above quote is from Taylor Swift.  It is interesting that someone like Taylor Swift who I look at and think is flawless, but obviously, she doesn’t think that of herself.

Why do we have to be so hard on ourselves?  Who is setting the standard of the  “ideal body “? 

I blame it on the media, fashion, and movie industries who have been dictating to the world that we need to fit a particular mold if we want to be seen and heard. 

But, are you happy being thin? Do we even know what our “perfect size” is? Nobody wants to starve and I’ve met a few people with eating disorders (men and women) and it’s really sad. They are not only endangering their own health but they no longer look vibrant and happy.

body positivity
body positivity

What makes YOU

happy and positive?


“Your words have so much power. Every day, if you tell yourself, ‘I love you,’ if you give yourself one word of validation, it will change your mind.” by Ashley Graham

This quote is so true. We need to find the courage to love ourselves and when we can achieve that we can love everything about our bodies too.

Look in the mirror and laugh, I think that is something we never ever do because when I show a woman a photo of her laughing, she hardly recognises herself! 

Say I love you to your mind, your arms, your butt, your breasts, your tummy, your legs, and everything else in between.

Be brave and say it out loud!  Go on, I dare you to.


body positivity

Thinking Body Positive

“Don’t waste so much time thinking about how much you weigh. There is no more mind-numbing, boring, idiotic, self-destructive diversion from the fun of living.” Meryl Streep

I have met many people (men and women) who are much happier when they realise that the quote above was stopping them from being truly happy.

body positivity
body positivity
body positivity

Final word on your body positive image

“You have to stand up and say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with me or my shape or who I am, you’re the one with the problem!'”

This quote from Jennifer Lopez nails it on the head. 

So, positive self-talk is great.

Sharing positive stories with friends is great.

Staying away from Instagram influencers is great.

Wearing clothes that enhance your shape is great.

Having a Boudoir Photography session is another powerful way to love yourself and is way beyond great.

Every client who has had a boudoir photo session with me is so happy. They finally accept who they are for they can now see that they are beautiful.

It is time to start believing in YOU!

If you would like to find out more about a Boudoir Photoshoot, check out my website www.honeyboudoir.com.au or give me a call on 0407 017 044. 

I hope you stay positive! 🥰 ❤️ 💋 And for more positive quotes.

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