Boudoir Products and Pricing

The Boudoir Dream Collection Wall Art  from $1500

Lately, I have been asked about what Boudoir products I offer and what are the prices. So here are a few of the Boudoir Products and pricing for your to peruse.  I like to see a finished product when a customer picks up and this Boudoir Dream frame is my go to when designing. What I love about it is the way it can present such a lovely story and it is so easy after one of my shoots to have four fabulous images that just need to go together.

The Glamour Budget Collection Wall Art from $880

This framed story is a great start to your Boudoir, Glamour or Nude shoot. The Asymmetrical placements are pleasing to the eye as well as the fact you can always come up with 3 fantastic images that will look great together. 

Beautiful Boudoir Albums from $3000

When there are too many beautiful images, then we suggest you may love an album.  Interesting layouts can be both colour and black and white. Yours to keep safely tucked away or on display with your coffee table books! Click on this link to scroll through this beautiful album


 Prints Collections and Digital Files

We do offer just the digital file as well as printing without framing. 

Collections start at $1250


Would you like to hear some love stories from some of my past clients? Click on testimonials.

I hope that helps you come up with a decision whether or not you wish to pursue your dream Boudoir session.

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