How to celebrate your birthday

What to do when you turn a significant age? Celebrate your birthday with a boudoir photography shoot, of course.
What do you do when you feel comfortable with yourself? A Boudoir photo shoot, of course.

What about if you lose a lot of weight and you turn a significant age? A Boudoir photo shoot is the answer again.

You don’t have to love everything about yourself, we are women after all and we are very picky about what we like about ourselves, aren’t we? Let the professional photographers do what we do best and create beautiful images that are worth hanging on the wall. We’ll bring in our hair and makeup artist, and pose you in the most flattering way to enhance your beauty. We’ll make you feel comfortable with wearing next to nothing, or in fact nothing! And you have a great excuse to go out and buy yourself some wonderful new lingerie.  What’s not to like?

First of all, our studio is in Sydney’s Eastern Suburb of Eastgardens. No matter where you live, we aren’t too far away. We are close to the M5 and Eastern distributor, and we book you in off-peak times so you don’t have to stress about Sydney’s traffic.

Our Boudoir photo shoots usually cost $250 for the session plus $100 for the Hair and Makeup. With prints starting at $250 and collections starting at $995. We only have female staff and we are easy going which makes you feel at home.

Are you ready to give it a go? We do have a special for only $99 that has been extended till the end of February 2019. That gives you the photography session plus your hair and makeup plus an 8 x 12″ print after any purchases are made. If you come from out of town, ask me about our overnight package where we put you up in the chalet.

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Here is one of my favourite images from the Boudoir session. What is yours?

birthday celebrations with a boudoir shoot

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