Hi there, Today I thought I would share with you 4 common mistakes people make before a glamour photo shoot so you don’t make the same mistakes. In other words, Glamour photo shoot preparations!

No. 1. If you are body conscious and you like to look lean and love exercising, then keep doing your exercise prior to the shoot. I all too often get the same comments like “I haven’t been to the gym for a few weeks and I feel fat” or worse “I should of joined the gym”. Of course I also get lots of women who are fine with their bodies which is excellent, many times it is the guys who are a little shocked. So keep up the exercising!

No. 2. Fit in time to go to your hairdresser especially if you colour your hair! Roots that do not match the rest of the colour of your hair just look bad.

No. 3. Think about your clothing and try it on before your shoot. Look out for holes in your lingerie, check that your clothes fit well, if they are too tight (no matter what size you are) it will cause unnecessary bulges and if you have lost weight and your clothing is too big then that can look awful as well.

No. 4 Check that your fingernails are either totally covered in polish or totally nude. There is nothing worse than having to hide fingernails because of chipped nail polish!

OK, they are my 4 tips for today, I hope they help you plan for your session so your glamour photo shoot preparations are well organised. Remember a little planning goes a long way, but don’t get stressed, it is a fun experience so enjoy the planning as well as the session. If you need advice, please ring me and we can discuss styles etc before your glamour shoot takes place.

Keep checking out this blog for more interesting tips so you can get the most out of your glamour shoot.

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glamour photo shoot preparations

Well, you don’t have to look this good!

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