How to prevent shadows in outdoor photography


Why do we look at a photo or in the mirror and not like what we see? It’s usually how the light is falling on your face. This video shows the beauty of backlighting a subject so there are no harsh shadows or uneven lighting to show all the things you wish to hide.

Do you see bags under your eyes sometimes but not always?

The reason is usually due to the lights being high, like a sunny day at noon or overhead lights.

Do you avoid having photos taken?  

Are you unhappy with the lighting? Did you even know that the lighting was the problem? Did you think you just slept badly? 😀

Well, don’t fret. Here is the best tip of all. Open shade! Use it. Stay away from harsh lights. Go under an awning or a tree and face away from the sun. Hopefully, you will have lots of open space in front of you to avoid a dark face.

Another tip is if you want to use the sun as your light source is to use the soft winter early morning or late afternoon light. The magic hours!  Or when the sun has just gone behind the hill or still hasn’t quite come up from the horizon.

But that takes planning and limited hours. If you just have the sun behind you and don’t let too much into your lens that your laughing! 😂

lighting tips
lighting tips

These examples are either in open shade, backlit or the sun had gone down. Do you know which is which?

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