Make the best investment in yourself

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When it comes to investing in yourself. It is a worthwhile investment!


As women, we often put off spending money on ourselves for luxury items as we always put others first, our home, our children our partners even our dogs! But it comes a time when you can add up all the money you spent on your children’s activities and rest assured that a Boudoir photography investment will probably be quite small in comparison! And if you haven’t had children, then spend it now before the guilt sets in!




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From the moment you talk to us, we want to make sure that we are a good fit! We want you to feel comfortable and know that you will be confident you have chosen the right photographer. Your investment in yourself means your self-belief and confidence will soar. You will love the whole experience and feel like a million bucks!

. Your investment starts with the session fee.

Your session fee is $350 and includes pampering with our professional Hair and Makeup Artist plus the photography session. The HMU takes 1 hour and the boudoir photography session is also 1 hour. You will get to view the images directly after the shoot and this is where you will place your order.


We specialise in Wall Portraits


Below are a few samples of what we offer.  Below is our story board collection. $1500. This is our signature Wall portrait. It tells a story, it is large but its not too large.

We can frame each shot separately, prices will depend on size.

You can purchase other combination frames as well as prints and digital files. Digital files cost $300 for one. $250 each for 5.  $200 each for 10. $150 each for 20

And $60 each for 50




Boudoir dream collection investment
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