Ladies with curves are most welcome in our glamour studio!

Hi Ladies, We photograph ladies of all shapes and sizes and all ages. Recently I was asked why I did not have any ladies with curves on my display at Mind Body Spirit. Well, I just didn’t have a model who was willing to share her shape with the rest of you! But last week, lovely Karen came into our studio and we pampered her with hair and make up before the shoot, and she looked a million dollars when Maria was finished with her. What fun she had, and better still, she is happy to share her images with all of you. Her photos show just how beautiful ladies with curves can be. So here is Karen, looking glamorous from her glamour studio shoot!
Talk to you later
17th July 2013, here is a letter that Karen wrote to me: Thank you Karen, I am grateful that you graced me with your presence.
“Dear Eleanor,
Thank you for the most uplifting experience. With all the wonderful help from the hair and makeup stylist, who brought out that sleeping Goddess that I did not realise was there.
The most re-energizing experience I have had, you made the day the most wonderful time with all the laughter and I was never self-conscience about any part of the shoot, it felt relaxed and time went so fast, such adrenaline rush once the shoot was finished.
I didn’t recognise the woman that was looking back at me, there were 4 or 5 different woman there and I’m starting to embrace these women.
This was the most inspiring, uplifting, Goddess realisation moment in my life, it has been one of the most empowering moments for me. Thanks to all the team, their encouragement and support made it easy for me to shine,


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