Hi all, Lately I have been thinking of introducing a hair and make up service for my female clients so you can enjoy the whole pampering experience. I often get asked “should I wear makeup as I don’t wear it usually?” My answer is yes! Foundation will even out skin and cover pimples, freckles and imperfections and eye makeup will draw attention to your eyes etc. So in the meantime, here are a few useful make up tips on what works best when applying make up for photography.

Make Up Tips for Your Next Glamour Portrait

1, Make sure your face is well moisturised first and leave for a few minutes before applying foundation. Please use matt (not shiny or glossy) foundations and colour, this applies to eye shadows and blush too. The only exception are lips. When I use my studio lights, any glossy/shiny skin can make skin look greasy so girls please keep this in mind. Guys, as you will not be wearing makeup, you will need to apply translucent powder to cover any shiny skin (unfortunately, most guys do have quite a bit of shine), I do supply powder in the studio, so please be prepared.
2, When applying blush, only use a dusty pink on the apples of your cheeks, as this is the fashion at the moment. Again, no shimmers.
3, If you have birth marks or red blotchy skin, you may consider using a green makeup under your foundation to neutralise your skin colour.
4, If you have chap lips prior to shoot, please use a balm to soften and lightly exfoliate.
5, When applying eye shadows,first use a primer for the shadows to stay on longer and use a very neutral colour if you are going as high as the brow, use darker colours only to the contour to the c curve.
6, Remember to use a dark eye liner to outline the top of your eyes.
7, For that sexier look, why not try fake eye lashes. Just use one cut in half for each eye, with the longer lashes closer to the outer eyes, there is a product called Duo Glue that works well for gluing onto your lashes. This is one of those pro make up tips that can make a huge difference to the final result.
8, If you have large eyes you can afford to take your eyeliner all the way to the inner top and bottom eyes, on the other hand if your eyes are small, than only use your eyeliner to about 1/2 way on bottom and 3/4 on top.
9, When using your lip pencil to outline your lips, just use a neutral colour so if you wish to change the shape you can do so perfectly and then top up with your favourite lipstick or gloss.
10, Most importantly is your hair, if you find it tricky, please use a hairdresser you can trust just prior to the shoot, if we have great hair alone, we feel like a million dollars. yes?There are many more tips and tricks to use and many websites that offer advice, here is one that looks good – Make Up Book and there are many many more, I would like to thank and credit Sue Bryce for the tips I have mentioned.

Cheers, remember if you would prefer to be pampered, I can arrange it for you.

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