Meet Carine Before the Photoshoot

Carine answered our call for plus size boudoir photography shoot. Actually we may have just asked for curvey women, luckily for Carine, she followed me on Instagram, and being an existing customer, she was first in and first served.

before the boudoir photo shoot


boudoir photo shoot touch up

The Hair and Make up Experience

Carine isn’t one to wear makeup on a regular day, though she did mention her Thin Lizzy compact that she brushed over her face when she goes out at night, so there were no surprises that Juliet would totally transform Carine into the beautiful women she is.  When doing any glamour or boudoir photoshoot, it really adds magic when you get your hair and makeup done professionally.

What to wear

Carine shopped online for most of her lingerie due to the lack of choice in the regular retail shops in Sydney. Body shapers, great fitting bras, corsets and brand new stockings are a must. Part of the fun of planing your boudoir photoshoot is indeed the shopping for your beautiful lingerie. More samples of curvy women are found here.

If you are in the area I just found this shop that sells for plus size women, it may just suit you.

Dreamy Antique Boudoir shoot for plus size
Boudior photo session for plus size
Sydney Boudoir for plus sizes
cheeky boudoir photography shoot for plus size

The results speak for themselves. We did the sexy poses and then played around with many crazy zany poses that fit Carine’s personality. It was a hot day and we did have a problem with her hair but she has some sensational images and has ticked this off her bucket list. But I hope she may be back for more!

Is a Boudoir photography shoot on your bucket list? Give me a call on 02 9341 7027 if it is.

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