The tattooed lady in mirror


Meet Jane, The Tattooed Lady 


I photograph many interesting ladies but Jane was special. I asked her if she would write a little about herself. I love seeing women over 50 years of age who are anything but invisible!

My name is Jane and I am a 56 years old woman with tattoos.

I got my first tattoo when I was 52 years old.  I had wanted to get one for my 50th birthday but at the time I didn’t know where to go or what design to get.  Then a friend of mine was tattooed at Authentink Studio in Sydney and recommended that studio.  This was in 2015, the year of my 30th Wedding anniversary, so I thought I would get a tattoo to commemorate that.  So I chose some script “Amor Vincit Omnia” love conquers all in Latin.

After my first tattoo experience, I started following some artists and studios on Instagram and started to become really interested in the art of tattooing. I had some tattoos done while I was on overseas holidays and started seeking out different artists in Australia whose work I liked. It has become almost an addiction. I don’t enjoy the tattoo process as such, but I do enjoy visiting the different studios, forming connections with the artists and of course the resulting artwork on my body.

I have a traditional Japanese tattoo covering my entire back and buttocks. It is of a snake with some peony flowers. I chose this design because snakes and peonies together are a very iconic tattoo image and I seem to be drawn to those designs. I also like the concept of the snake shedding its skin to reveal new skin.  This is very symbolic of my tattoo journey, as it has given me new skin to feel way more confident in.

The artist of my back tattoo is @monju_tattoo. He is also the artist of my very first tattoo. 

The pain I experienced during the tattooing was extremely intense, it was way more painful than I imagined it would be. I got through it with meditation, deep breathing and the occasional shot of whiskey.



I have 33 tattoos if you count my back as one.

I won’t stop until the tattoo artists start telling me that my skin is too old to tattoo!

After my back was completed, I really wanted to get some professional photographs taken of myself. I happened to enter a competition at the Australian Tattoo Expo and won a sitting with Honeydew Boudoir Photography. This was very exciting for me, as it was something I had been wanting to do, to showcase my tattoos.

My experience with Honeydew was awesome and I loved the photos that were produced.

I was only nervous that I would not know how to pose, but Eleanor helped me with that. She was very patient and I never felt uncomfortable.

I have hung my wall art with pride of place in my hallway.

The best part of being professionally photographed was receiving a collection of wonderful photos that I could never have taken myself.

I would Definitely recommend Boudoir by Honeydew to my friends!

My tattoos have changed the way I feel about myself and my body. They have given me increased confidence, made me feel sexier and more attractive. Having the photos taken by Eleanor was a way of celebrating my new found confidence and has given me a wonderful memento to look back on when I’m older. Mind you, I don’t ever plan on becoming old and invisible now!

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