Meet Eleanor, the woman behind Boudoir by Honeydew Photography.


I’m Eleanor, and if you are anything like me you want to find out a little behind the scenes. For one, why I choose to photograph Boudoir, Glamour and Nude photography.

The reason is the satisfaction of being able to show all women, that they are beautiful, and giving them the feeling of empowerment.
We all have our little digs at ourselves, some more than others. Bringing out the best in women builds up their confidence. Creating beautiful images to keep forever after is a blessing.  I photographed a male the other day, and he made the best comment. He said he has never had so much attention and he absolutely loved it.  He now knows what he had been missing out on.
So, a little about me. I decided to update my photo with one that I had taken when I was about 28 years old. Not to fool anyone, mind you, but to show how special it is to look back at decent photos of yourself, in this case, myself. But update now to 2020 and here is a current portrait of me today!
I work from my home, my studio was a garage. It is now a studio and it is not attached to my home. But sometimes I may use parts of my home for special photography sessions. ie, the bedroom for those wonderful boudoir shots.
 I do like to do my part for the environment, reduce, recycle, reuse. When you order framing from me, I do request you bring in a towel or blanket to wrap the frame in to avoid having to use plastic!




There are a few favourite charities that I have worked with to raise funds. Starlight Children’s 
Foundation, The Kids Cancer Project, and The Women’s Cancer Foundation (Ovarian cancer). Do you have a worthwhile charity that you would like me to work with?
My hobbies are singing and playing my guitar and piano. I like keeping fit by swimming and going to essentrics online. You’ll catch me swimming at Maroubra Beach four mornings a week all year round.
Oh yeah, and I love taking photos on holidays. I usually only bring my iPhone with me, as I can’t stand the bulk. And I love the speed of the iPhone and the challenge it presents in certain situations. If you want to look at my personal holiday snaps, you can see them on Instagram.
I look forward to hearing from you too, pop me a line on info@honeydewphotography.com.au or ring me on 0407017044.


Eleanor Godley

PS. I am now trading as Eleanor Godley

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