Hi Ladies,

Have you ever thought about what kind of stockings you should buy? Have you ever worn them before? I have come across many ladies whose first time of wearing stockings is at their boudoir photography session.

So the time has come to talk about stockings and my video is all about stockings! What to buy and what not to buy. As you can hear, my advise is not to buy stay ups if you are wearing a garter belt. For two good reasons, a. they cause a muffin top and b. it is difficult to attach the strap

Another good tip is to actually try to attach the stockings to the garter belt before the shoot. (But, please use old stockings for this)

I hope you can relate to my videos and that I may be able to squash your nerves. If you would like more information or would like to hear more from me by following my stories, please fill in the contact form.

Here are my recommendations for Hairdresser, Makeup artist,  and personal trainer.

I look forward to hearing from you. Eleanor





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