What does a glamour or boudoir photo shoot mean to you?

Hi there,

The other week I put a call out for women who wanted to pose for me. Some for the tattoo expo and others for new ideas. I wanted to share a few of my favourite images from the shoots and explain why women choose a glamour or boudoir photo shoot

There are probably two types of women that I come across, those who have always wanted to do a glamour or boudoir photo shoot and those who would never in their wildest dreams even consider it. I was talking to the latter type yesterday. She asked me why women do these types of shoots.

Here is how I answered.

“Some women choose a glamour or boudoir shoot because they finally feel comfortable with themselves, others are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. Others have young children and want to feel sexy again. Others have lost weight, and some women have always dreamed of doing it ever since they can remember. Perhaps some want to be pampered, others want to have a fun experience. All women come into a glamour or boudoir photo shoot and they are very nervous, but after only a little while I can see them relax and start feeling comfortable and excited. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, what I guarantee is you will feel beautiful, empowered and a lot more confident than when you walked in the door.”

The women I was talking with, started to think that perhaps she too would like to have a glamour shoot!

Some of the feedback I received from the women involved was

“The photos are amazing”

“Thank you again for today. I thought about it and made me really happy all day”

“There are so many great shots I’m finding it hard to choose!”

When will you be ready for your empowerment?

Perhaps our $150 special will help you quicken things along!

Our special offer includes

* hair and makeup by our professional artist

*The chance to feel like a goddess for the day

* Photography session with as many as 3 changes of clothing.

* Immediate viewing after the shoot

* 1 hi-res digital image,  additional images can be bought at our usual rates

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Women wearing white shirt with cat sitting on books tattooed on her leg
40 year old women in glamour pose
women upside down wearing black tuille dress
back view of women on chair with large tattoo
black and white copy of Lewis Morely photograph
blue haired women laughing wearing black bra
1960's inspired b/w photo of women on chair in studio
Happy big busted women wearing bra
women on chair with legs extended sexy pose
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