Glamour Photography Session

Accessories in Glamour Photography session

Beautiful Legs

Hi Girls,

Here are a few accessory suggestions to pack for your Glamour Photography session. Accessories can be so small that they can often be left at home by mistake.

No. 1 Stockings. Stay ups are great. Remember to buy a new pair, we don’t want to show ladders and runs. I’m not too keen on suspenders, if you can take them off, please do and just wear the stay ups instead.

No. 2. Shoes. Even if you can not walk in them, a pair of sexy high heel stiletto’s will give your legs and backside that extra dimension. Chose a colour that matches your lingerie.

No. 3. Lightweight scarves. Great to cover unnecessary bits, especially in a nude session. Also great in an action dancing session.

No. 4. Bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches etc. Please avoid hoop earrings, they tend to stick out wrong in most shots. Co-ordinate your jewelery with your outfit, nudes don’t need any jewelery, less it best in nudes.

No. 5. Hats, jackets, headbands etc. Let you imagination go wild. Bring it in, let’s see how we can use it.

For more ideas for your Glamour photography/boudoir session, go to http://www.honeydewphotography.com.au/boudoir-photography/

Remember we have a make up artist on call now, so if you would like to check out how great a Glamour Photography session at Honeydew Photography is, give us a ring on 9341 7027 and quote Accessory and we will offer you a total make over, photography session and a 7 x 10″ print for only $80. Sounds great, be quick though, we are only taking this offer seriously until the end of August 2013.

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